This feeder increased my effeciency by 50%.

Bruce Lindsey
Bar Heart B Ranch
Byars, OK

The 3C Feeder is trouble free, easy to operate coupled with the ease of the gooseneck sight hole and digital counting. I will always use this feeder.

Shad Beebe
Beebe Livestock
Stratford, OK

The 3C Feeder allows me to load feed under any feed bin. It also allows me to see round bales out of my mirror when picking them up.

Carlyle Hill
C/C Ranch
Ada, OK

It's great I don't have to lift feed sacks when my husband is gone. I'm not sure why I keep him around now that we have a 3C Feeder.

Sami Jo Beebe
Beebe Livestock
Stratford, OK

We have worn out every cake feeder on the market for the last 25 years. 3C Feeders are by far the best in construction and accuracy. As long as we can get them, we'll use nothing else.

Bob Jones
Reeds Cattle Co.
Springer, OK

The 3C Cattle Feeder is the best feed dispenser on the market.

Harris Penner
Penner Ranch
Mill Creek, OK

The 3C Feeder allows me to see the hitch on my trailer. I feed 500lbs everyday and the counter is always within 4lbs.

Frank Lornes
3 Bar Goins Ranch
Marietta, OK

My only regret about the 3C Feeder is I bought a traditional feeder first.

Steve Miles
Steve & Darla Miles Cutting Horses
Asher, OK


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